Functional safety


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functional safety standards

What others say about SILMETRIC’s consultancy:

“When Renishaw started on its functional safety journey, reading and understanding IEC 61508 in the right context was a daunting task. Paul and one of his associates explained clearly how the standard applies to our product and after a detailed gap analysis review they defined the quality system changes required. Suddenly it started to make sense. Following that they helped us develop the detailed working methods required to achieve the target SIL and PL.

Where Paul and his associates score highly is when it comes to answering promptly all the questions as they arise, so we can keep the project moving. His onsite visits have proved to be an invaluable means of checking our understanding.

Would we recommend him to others? Well, Paul has met with other Renishaw business units to guide them in applying functional safety to their products, so yes we would”.

Mark Acres, Regulatory compliance manager (encoder products), Renishaw plc